Population change in Southern Ontario

(NOTE: This was not an Algonquin course assignment, but, rather, one of my personal projects.)

Monochrome maps constitute a challenge over coloured maps -- colours tend to dazzle the eye, so even if the information being presented is somewhat uninteresting, one is able to "sell the sizzle, rather than the steak", and capture the viewer's attention much easier.

Using monochrome, though, prevents one from "hiding" behind the packaging of the map.  The map below is simply an illustration of how the monochrome (ie: "black-and-white") palette is an alternative to colour.  In fact, sometimes it is a refreshing change to use monochrome, since a colour map can become too overwhelming if the palette is extensive and considerable other information is being shown:


Other considerations when deciding on using monochrome are:

Your comments on these maps are welcome!

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