GIS 8746 Detailed Course Outline

Week 1

    Introduction to course
    Bits/ bytes, and pixels/rasters
    Computing values of bytes and integers
    Spatial (pixel size) and radiometric (data type) resolution
    Computing file sizes and spatial extents
    Essential math (e.g. basic trig)

Week 2

    Data flow diagrams
    Data types (byte, integer, real) [CONVERT]
    File types (ASCII, binary, packed binary) [Show File Contents]
    Measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)
    Discrete and continuous data
    Importing raster data and file structures [BILIDRIS]
    Image statistics
    Histograms and histogram stretching [HISTO and STRETCH]
    Image probing and profiling [Cursor inquiry and PROFILE]
    Playing with pallettes [Palette workshop]

Week 3

    Importing vector data [SHAPEIDR, ARCIDRIS]
    Creating vector data for IDRISI
    Rasterization [POINTRAS, LINERAS, POLYRAS]
    Vectorization [POINTVEC, POLYVEC]
    Line generalization [LINEGEN]
    Shifting, windowing, changing pixel sizes

Week 4

    Spheroid, Ellipsoid, and Geoid defined
    Map Projections and Datums (Geodesy)
    Georeferencing [PROJECT and RESAMPLE]
    Using DOS Batch files and Idrisi Macros
    Links to Unix tools and tips

Week 5

    Local, focal, zonal, and global processing (Context operations)
    Changing and grouping pixel values [RECLASS and ASSIGN]
    Image overlay [OVERLAY]
    Image filtering [FILTER and SURFACE]
    Identifying unique groups of pixels [GROUP]
    Distance computations [DISTANCE]
    Extracting zonal statistics [EXTRACT]

Week 6

    Creating digital elevation models (DEM) and other surfaces
    Interpolation (creating rasters from points and lines/contour)
    Sample spacing and image resolution (e.g. Shaded relief magnetics)
    Autocorrelation and semi-variograms [AUTOCORR and CONTRACT]
    Analyzing point densities [QUADRAT]

Week 7

    Human Visual System
    Colour models (RGB, HSV/IHS, CMY, CMYK)
    Colour model transformations [COLSPACE and COMPOSIT]
    Integrating shaded relief imagery with other imagery [SEPARATE, ILLUMINATE]
    Visualizing DEM and other 2.5-D data (image draping) [ORTHO]

Week 8

    Mid-term test

Week 9

    Web page authoring with Netscape Gold (Optional)
    WebGIS (Optional)
    Unix and AWK
    Selected Unix tools for Windows

Week 10

    Creating DEMs [INTERCON]
    Analyzing DEM data [FILTER and SURFACE]
    Watershed analysis [WATRSHED]
    Visibility analysis [VIEWSHED]

    Logical Overlay [OVERLAY, Image Calculator]
       (Raster Venn diagram to practice on)
    Binary and fuzzy membership [FUZZY]
    Buffering [DISTANCE and BUFFER]

Week 11

    Introduction to cost analysis [COST, VARCOST, and ALLOCATE]
    Identifying closest pixels to source/target locations [THIESSON]
    Pathway analysis [PATHWAY]
    Combining or decomposing forces [RESULTAN and DECOMP]

Week 12

    Rasters and databases [Database Workshop]

Week 13

    Regression analysis with rasters [SCATTER and REGRESS]
    Trend analysis [TREND]
    Cross-tabulation / cross-classification [CROSSTAB]

Week 14

    Free lab to:
       review for Lab assignment next week
       prepare review questions for next weeks "Review for the final"

Week 15

    Review for the final
    Lab Assignment (due at end of lab)

Week 16

   Final test, 6PM 8PM in A127.

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