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This tool lets you discover more about Canada's natural resources, in 3 broad categories:  Mining, Forestry and Energy.  These 3 areas fall within NRCan's mandate, though the nation's resource base encompasses numerous other areas -- such as fishing, agriculture, trapping & hunting-- which generally fall under the food production umbrella.  NRCan, on the other hand, concerns itself with the "hard" natural resources that make up an integral part of Canada's land mass.

Clicking the "Key Regional Datasets" link below launches the   to search a database of thousands of information products, with pre-defined search criteria that are unique to Regional Lens.  Most important is that natural resource information products are extracted keyed to a specific region of Canada (see map below).  The database is dynamic, and is being continuously updated.  That means that every week, your search could return different and newer results -- so come back often!

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