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Region:            N.E. Minnesota, N. Wisconsin, Michigan Upper Peninsula (UP).
Population:      ~500,000 people
Area:                ~34,000 square miles

This animated graphic depicts projected population growth in the "Upper Midwest" region, for the perior 1998 - 2003.  I chose it because this part of the US most closely resembles Northwestern Ontario (NWO), in economy, climate, topography, geology, scenery, history and lifestyle of its inhabitants.  In short, its orientation to Lake Superior binds it inexorably with NWO.  It is also the region of North America with which NWO has the most interaction (particularly in its economy, through the export of pulp & paper, lumber and mineral products from NWO to the Upper Midwest and nearby areas), even moreso than with Manitoba, and certainly far moreso than with Southern Ontario.

The graphic will animate automatically; simply press <ESC> (upper left "escape" key) to stop.  Press "reload" on your browser to re-start the animation.  Each image lasts 7/100ths of a second excepting the last 2.  The image size is ~1Meg.