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KrisMaps® offers GIS ("Geographic Information Systems") services, providing computerized mapping and analysis.  We can target our products to many client types.  Finished products are sent back to you over the web -- you provide us with your paper maps and raw data by any means convenient to you. Besides GIS capabilities, KrisMaps® offers considerable experience in real estate market and real estate finance analysis, urban planning, and demographic studies -- check out our technical webpage by clicking the " KrisMaps Tech " link below for some examples.
You receive computerized maps with your databases linked to them, allowing you to pose "what-if" scenarios, conduct analysis, and produce finished maps to meet the needs of your own clients. Contact us by email:

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         Canadian housing market activity; KrisMaps® can provide maps of the latest numbers for new residential construction across the country.  Click the map below for examples (per capita housing starts data).


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