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Allan Krisciunas
Orléans, Ontario, CANADA



Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Geography, B.Sc., 1976

University of Waterloo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Geography, Graduate courses, 1977

Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
GIS, GIS Certificate, in progress

Professional Experience:

Elections Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Geography Officer, Oct/98-Feb/99

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ottawa, 
Ontario, CANADA, (various positions), 1981-1997

Lakehead Planning Board, Thunder Bay, Ontario, 
CANADA, Planner, 1978-1981

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Thunder Bay,
Ontario, CANADA, Technician, 1974-1976

Summary of Experience:

SQL in MapInfo and ArcView and using SAS on corporate

Desktop thematic mapping in MapInfo and ArcView.

Vector coverage editing and quality control using
Arc/Info (7.2.1) on UNIX, for electoral boundary maps.

Raster-based GIS image analysis using IDRISI on BIL

Urban planning.

Management of major mapping projects, including air
photo interpretation, field surveys and soils analysis
using Canada Land Inventory (CLI).

Water quality assessment and mapping, using chemical,
biological and bathymetry data.

Lake shoreline surveying and mapping for recreational
home developments.

Real-estate market analysis and feasibility studies.

Database design, testing and delivery.

Adult-education: assessment of needs, design and
delivery of workshops.

Client presentations.

Multivariate statistical analysis (Principal 
Components, Factor Analysis, Trend Surface).

Software Skills:

ESRI (ArcView, Arc/Info), MapInfo, IDRISI, AutoCAD,
C++, SAS, various SQL, Basic, Fortran, Win95, WinNT,
UNIX, VAX, web page design (FrontPage), web
publishing (FTP), graphics, desktop publishing.